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of Volcano customers now have greater control over their business.


of Volcano customers have seen savings in money and time in their operations.


of Volcano customers now feel more secure about the reliability of their work.


of Volcano customers find that their traffic managers have more time for other tasks.

Volcano customers range from small carriers to large fleets, from 5 motor coachs to over 100!

On average, our customers manage fleets of 25 to 45 buses, with 50 to 75 drivers, covering routes from 10 to 500 miles per booking.

Clients Review

Our more of 400 clients are our best referrals


"Volcano software is one of the best choices our organization has made thus far. We looked at various options and were skeptical at first but, the team at Volcano has been there throughout the process. Volcano has a great team which strives to make our work as motorcoach operators easier. They review feedback and do whatever possible to improve their product which the masses can benefit from. We love using the software and we are at a point where we wouldn't know how to run the operations without it. Customer service is one of the best I've personally ever experienced in any of the industries. I look forward to their upcoming developments currently in progress."

Trilok Patel
Manager, Premier Coach


"With Volcano our company has taken a huge technological leap forward, giving our staff and drivers an agility and efficiency we simply didn’t have before, making it posible for us to offer our customers an even higher level of service."

Elisa Miquel
Director, Nika Motor Coaches


"After having created our own system, we were approached by Volcano and we immediately realized their great solution was the answer to our needs and they are always open to special requests. It is a pleasure working with Volcano.”

Antonio Chávez
General Manager, Grupo 10


"The Volcano application and its continuous development has become an essential tool for the real, effective and direct organization and control of all the operations that have to be carried out in the complex administration of bus passenger transport services. There is no real comparison with other applications on the market, since Volcano is at another level due to its adaptability and its true efficiency.

Innovation in services management with the addition of the Volcano Driver mobile app for drivers, for example, is a great step forward. It provides both traffic managers and drivers with total "real-time” awareness of the service ensuring effective follow-up.

Another notable feature is the efficient control of the fleet and personnel thanks to Volcano’s operational flexibility that displays information in configurable modules as per the needs of management and supervisors.”

Antonio Moreno
General Manager, Autocares A. Moreno


"Thank you, Volcano, for helping us grow as a company and for facilitating our day-to-day work, that at times, in this industry, gets so complicated."

General Manager, Autocares Arjona


"A ‘10’, really effective, easy and fast to use, covering all aspects related to the motor coach sector. No other programs our company has tried can compare to Volcano. Also, their customer service is UNSURPASSED. We wholeheartedly recommend Volcano.”

Marc Esteve
General Manager, Autocars Esteve


"Alberto Lafuente and Volcano have created an agile, practical computer application that has allowed us to be much more efficient in our work. I want to highlight their continual evolution of the program with added contributions for its users that provides dynamism and continuous improvement."

Artur Canals
General Manager, Dura Autocars SL


"Without a doubt, Volcano is a leading traffic management program. At Autopullman Padros, we are proud to have selected for Volcano. Thanks to Volcano we have managed to significantly improve the management of our traffic department, as well as the accounting department, currently both linked. We now do our daily work more easily and efficiently. An important feature the daily service board that lets us quickly and easily view all services, schedules and vehicles, allowing us to make assignments quickly and accurately, error-free, with the guarantee of perfect planning. We thank the whole team for the continuous innovations they make and above all the patience and speed to solve the challenges we face."

Ana Villalba
Traffic Manager, Autopullman Padrós


"We are a small operator, but we have been using motor coach management programs since the 90's. It used to be that getting support and, above all, product updates were major problems, but no longer.

The Volcano formula is perfect: an unrivaled human factor, a perfect month-to-month contract offering and above all a person loyal to their customers and a willingness to continually help us meet the challenges we face. Therefore, even if you are an independent operator, this program will be a breakthrough, an essential boost for your business. "

Agustí Cove
General Manager, Autocares Europe


"I was reluctant to depend on computers but then I met Alberto Lafuente, Volcano CEO, through a business partner. Now the only question I have is, ‘Why I didn’t start this earlier?’ Volcano has helped me a lot, not only with their program, but has also to improve other aspects of my business. Alberto and his team of professionals are excellent. "

General Manager, DumboTours SL


"The Volcano software program is what we needed for managing our company. I am totally satisfied and pleased with Volcano: it facilitates our daily operations; all daily activity is under control with no last-minute surprises and no dropping the ball.”

Francisco Racero
General Manager, Autocares Racero SL


"The Volcano computer application has delivered a breakthrough for our organization in terms of agility, security and accessibility. All the data entered in the program accessible, reports and statistics that are generated automatically and we particularly value the repair shop management tools. The Volcano solution allows our drivers to input information from visual inspections using their smartphones. They can report incidents, possible breakdowns, etc. with no delays. We recently renewed our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and the Volcano program was instrumental in the thorough review of our procedures. The auditor congratulated for the level of technological improvement we recently attained as a company thanks to Volcano. Finally, I would like to thank Volcano for their dedication working with us to find solutions, so that the implementation of the program has been a success. "

Francisco Domènech
Management Team, Transports Públics del Priorat i Domènech SL


"Volcano is a great asset in the management of our company. They always respond quickly with friendly and effective dedication, which is truly gratifying in this day and age."

Carme Olivella
Director, CarsDeLuxe


"As the person responsible for making the choice to begin using the Volcano product, I am proud to have made the call to Volcano. The trust we’ve placed in the Volcano team has been returned to us with flying colors. I believe that Volcano it is the ideal program for our sector, a program made to measure not for a single company but for an entire industry….

Volcano TEC has listened to our ideas and needs and has treated our concerns as their own. They have incorporated them in the software which is now an essential program for our daily management.

On the issue of the investment costs of this product, this is an important key for us: Volcano does not require up-front fees, there is no limit on our number of users we can give access to the system. The license fee includes all updates and the full range of office tools with no additional costs.

All this is the hallmark of a company that takes exquisite care of its customers. I would just add that I encourage anyone who is still undecided: Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this product."

Eduardo Marín
Administration, Hispabus SA


"The Volcano program is very complete. Since installing it, we are saving time and money in the management of our fleet and services, as well as improving our image with our customers with innovations that the competition is not able to offer.

The personal attention of the staff of Volcano is excellent: they respond quickly and very effectively; they’ve become friends, not just suppliers."

Juan Mateos
General Manager, Mateos Motor Coaches


"After trying several management programs, the best is Volcano: simple, practical and very helpful. "

Santiago Galvan
Commercial management, Autocares Sant Marti (SM Group)


"With Volcano our company has taken a huge technological leap forward, giving our staff and drivers an agility and efficiency we simply didn’t have before, making it posible for us to offer our customers an even higher level of service."

Elisa Miquel
Management Team, Nika coaches


"When asked to describe Volcano, the first things that come my mind are: Innovation, Quality, Constancy, Understanding, a Can-do Spirit, Drive, Perseverance. But above all, the brand that distinguishes them from other supplier is their human touch."

Natalio Moreno
General Manager, Jesus Moreno Motor Coaches


"Volcano is a program made by people who know the idiosyncrasies of transportation. We feel understood and we can tell that this program is a living thing, in continuous evolution and improvement.
You can perfectly organize your transportation company with this program because it can handle all the needs that arise in our industry.
The professionals at Volcano listen to you when you explain your business challenges, they analyze them and incorporate solutions into the program that help your business grow.
I recommend this great product without any hesitation."

Antonio Vázquez Olmedo
General Manager, Autocares Váquez Olmedo


"In Autocorb we swiched to Volcano from another application based on the commitments to us made by Volcano. I can assure you that those commitments are being fulfilled. I have to emphasize the professionalism, availability and commitment to customer service of Volcano. The program reliably meets our needs for both recurring and one-time services. I have no doubt that Volcano will continue to grow to offer new solutions, because their team does not rest."

Alex Valls
Management Team, Autocorb


"As the Little Prince said, '...what is essential is invisible to the eye.' At Autocars Vendrell, we want our customers to have the best experience possible, beyond a mere use of our services, a value-added. This is the same value-added that the Volcano program delivers. In addition to being a socially responsibility company, we feel secure that we are with the best, most committed group of people who guarantee we have the best management program for our company. They are constantly updating and improving it, continually surprising us by expanding its capabilities and supporting us every day. That's why I say that factors invisible to the eye, such as calm efficiency and calm dedication to giving the best service, which essential for our company. Underlying all these written words are solid values: That's why we recommend their services. Thank you Volcano."

Pere Vendrell
Commercial department / traffic, Autocars Vendrell


"The Volcano program is an agile, fast and easy to use program that covers all our company's needs".

Andreu Pascual
General Manager, Autocares Miramar SL


"I wanted to thank the Volcano team. One might think that only a large company needs this program, but we at BrisaBus are here to tell you that it’s right for small businesses, too. Volcano: For everyone, time is money. With this program we can dedicate more time to other aspects of our business. I only need a few minutes a day to organize, control and manage our fleet. On a personal note, I've been waiting for some sort of slip-up (the school of life has told me to expect that), but that hasn’t happened. The team at Volcano is a perfect human-professional team."

Jonathan Carmona
Management Team, BrisaBus


"In the management of our organization, there was no way to find such a complete program on the market as Volcano: easy, practical and continually being updated, it has allowed us to computerize our entire internal system, including quality control. This has facilitated the daily operations of our entire team giving us effective control of all the services we offered. "

Joaquín Carrió Sala
Quality Manager, Autocares Carrió SL


"This program that has helped us notably in the agility of daily work processes, making them easy and simple. We have achieved ISO certification in large part thanks to Volcano. I definitely recommend it to all companies in the sector.”

José Manuel de los Santos
General Manager, Alianzatravi

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