Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Volcano?

Volcano is a fully dedicated, cloud-based management solution specifically designed for and dedicated to the ground-based human transportation industry: buses, motor coaches, limousines, shuttles, school buses, and more.

Recurring, charter and "pop-up" route creation, price quotations and reservations management, fleet and driver pool management, smartphone app for driver communications and reporting, control over repairs and maintenance, and processing all required company documentation are just some of Volcano' capabilities.

Above all, our integrated software makes it easy for our customers’ top management to see company performance, for route managers to see the day-to-day work schedule and immediately react to last-minute changes, and for all staff to have the information they need to be successful.

- How much does Volcano cost?

Volcano offers all our services in one complete package without any service tiers or pricy extras. Our pricing is based on fleet size. Please see the rate calculator on our Pricing page or call one of our representatives at 1 (305) 646-9912 for more information.

- Why should I give up my current management software for Volcano?

Volcano is a comprehensive system that can be adapted to your needs and processes. Our clients benefit from greater efficiencies, improved quality control and more agility in responding their customers and passengers.

Whether your company has an in-house management solution or an off-the-shelf program, Volcano can noticeably enhance your company’s operations and improve performance.

Take us for a test-drive today to find out how we help you grow your business!

- Will my customers notice the change to Volcano?

Other than getting faster, more accurate quotes and smoother, more complete services, your customers won’t notice a thing.

- What payment methods can be integrated to Volcano?

Your company can continue using the payments methods you’re using now: credit cards, checks, ACH payments, and new methods can be added as these become consolidated.

- Can my customers monitor their services with Volcano?

Volcano Virtual Office offers the ability to let your customers access their route details, get contact info for their driver and get copies of invoices. All of this frees up your staff’s time so they can focus on getting new business.

- How does Volcano keep track of drivers, buses, and trips?

The Volcano Driver app, which is included at no additional charge for all of our customers, is a real-time interface for drivers; they get their shift plans, wake up alarms for early routes, instantly confirm shift or route changes, report any incidents and more. Your traffic manager can see at a glance any incident and react immediately to ensure seamlessly operations.

- Can I get a demo of Volcano?

Of course! Contact us by email or telephone to schedule a free demonstration with no commitment on your part.

- Is there a free trial period?

Yes! Take a 30-day test drive of Volcano to see how we can help you build your business.

- How long does it take to install Volcano?

The Volcano desktop program can be installed quickly on your PC or laptop in just a few minutes.

- Will Volcano help my staff start working with the software?

Yes! Our support staff will help you at any point of the process: initial set-up or getting more comfortable with any of Volcano' multiple capabilities. Whatever the question, we are ready to help.

- What support resources are available to me?

Our team is available for your support by email at any time.

- Will I be required to make a long-term contract?

No! Volcano never asks customers for a long-term commitment. We offer discounts for yearly billing but customers can also sign up on a month-by-month basis. Contact our sales department for more details.

- What is Volcano' cancelation policy?

Just 30 days’ notice to cancel with a full refund on all months yet to begin.

- How often does Volcano publish updates?

We are constantly working to deliver innovation and ever-improved service to our customers while taking care to not disrupt any day-to-day operations. All upgrades are included at no extra charge.

- How long does it take to download an update?

Most Volcano program updates can be installed in less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee!

- How long will it take to convert my operations into the Volcano program?

Implementation depends on the size and complexity of your operations. Our on-boarding team will work with you and your staff to get on the road with Volcano quickly.

- Is my company’s data secure with Volcano?

Yes. Our users' security and privacy is a top priority for us. We only work with suppliers who are certified with the most advanced security standards and which comply with the GDPR.

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